Nothing “Ordinary”

crape myrtle tree trunk


Have you ever looked at some­thing ordinary–something you’ve glanced at hun­dreds or thou­sands of times–and sud­denly seen it as extra­or­di­nary? It’s almost as if I’ve just landed on this planet from some far-away galaxy and I see some­thing as com­mon as the trunk of a tree–in this case it’s a crape myr­tle tree–and I think, “How lovely!” I under­stand for a moment just how mirac­u­lous it is to be alive. My friend Jose would say, aban­don­ing him­self to the moment, “Que bueno!”

If it’s hap­pened to you, let it hap­pen again today, maybe even right now.  If it’s never hap­pened to you, hold still, take a deep breath, and look at some­thing or some­one famil­iar, as though you’re look­ing for the very first time.  Stay with the expe­ri­ence for a few min­utes. Enjoy.

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